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Mitzvot in Parashat Ki Tetze

Mitzvah numbers are from Encyclopedia Judaica (following Rambam)

P = Positive mitzvah

N = Negative mitzvah

chapt.	verse	Mitzvah 	Text of Mitzvah		
21	11	221P	The female captive must be treated in accordance with her special regulations.					
	14	263N	You must not sell a female captive.					1st Aliyah	
	14	264N	You must not treat a female captive as a slave.						
	20	195N	Gluttony is prohibited.																																				
	22	230P	In some cases the body of the executed shall be hanged.																																				
	23	231P	The body of an executed person must be brought to burial the same day.																																				
	23	66N	Do not allow the body of one hanged to remain so overnight.																																				
22	1	204P	Lost property must be restored to its owner.					2nd Aliyah																															
	3	269N	One must not turn away from a lost article which is to be returned to its owner.																																				
	4	203P	You must help load man or beast.																																				
	5	39N	Women must not wear male clothes.																																				
	5	40N	Men must not wear women's clothing.																																				
	6	306N	Do not take the mother bird when you take the young birds.																																				
	7	148P	Set the parent bird free when taking the nest.																																				
	8	184P	You must build a fence around your roof and remove potential hazards from your home.						
	8	298N	Do not leave a stumbling block in the way.						
	9	193N	You may not eat the growth of mixed planting in the vineyard.						
	9	216N	You must not sow corn in a vineyard.						
	10	218N	You may not work with two different species yoked together.						
	11	42N	You may not wear garments made of both wool and linen.						
	18	219P	If a man unjustly accuses his wife of premarital promiscuity						
			       he shall be flogged and may never divorce her.						
	19	359N	A man may not divorce a wife he married after having slandered her.					3rd Aliyah	
	24	229P	Capital punishment shall be by stoning (one of the 4 methods).						
	26	294N	Punishment is not to be inflicted for an act committed under duress.						
	29	358N	A man many not divorce a wife he married after having raped her.						
	29	218P	He who violates a virgin must marry her and may never divorce her.						
23	2	360N	A eunuch may not marry a Jewess.						
	3	354N	A mamzer may not marry a Jewess.						
	4	53N	A Jewish woman may not marry an Ammonite or Moabite even if he converts to Judaism.						
	7	56N	It is prohibited to make peace with the Ammonite or Moabite nations.																																				
	8	54N	A Jewish woman should not refuse (for reasons of genealogy alone) a descendant 																																				
			of Esau who has converted.																																				
	8	55N	A Jewish woman should not refuse (for reasons of genealogy alone) 																																				
			an Egyptian who has converted.																																				
	11	78N	No unclean person may enter the Temple.																																				
	14	192P	The military camp must be kept in a sanitary condition.																																				
	15	193P	Every soldier must be equipped with the necessary equipment to maintain sanitary conditions.																																				
	16	254N	You may not return a runaway slave regardless of his ancestry or that of the master.																																				
	17	255N	You may not take advantage of a runaway slave.																																				
	18	355N	Harlotry is forbidden.					4th Aliyah																															
	19	100N	An animal received as the hire of a harlot or the price of a dog may not be offered																																				
			 as a sacrifice.	
	20	236N	It is forbidden to borrow from another Jew at interest.																																				
23	21	198P	To the foreigner you may lend at interest.					4th Aliyah																															
	22	155N	Do not delay payment of offerings -- either freewill or obligatory.																																				
	24	94P	You must honor oaths and vows you make.																																				
	25	201P	Permit the worker to eat of the produce with which he is working.																																				
	25	268N	A worker must not take more fruit than he can eat.																																				
	26	267N	A worker must not cut down standing corn during his work.					5th Aliyah																															
24	1	213P	You should marry according to the law.																																				
	1	222P	Divorce can executed only by means of a written document.																																				
	4	356N	A divorcee may not be remarried to her first husband if in the meanwhile,																																				
			 she had remarried another.																																				
	5	214P	A bridegroom is to rejoice with his bride for one year.						
	5	311N	Do not force a bridegroom to do military service during the first year of his marriage.						
	6	242N	You may not take a pledge from a debtor if he uses it to earn his living.						
	8	308N	It is forbidden to remove signs of leprosy.					6th Aliyah	
	10	239N	You may not take a pledge from a debtor by violence.						
	12	240N	You may not keep a poor man's pledge when he needs it.						
	13	199P	Restore a pledge to its owner if he needs it.																																				
	15	200P	Pay the worker his wages on time.																																				
	16	287N	Do not accept testimony from relatives of a person involved in the case.																																				
	17	241N	You may not take a pledge from a widow.																																				
	17	280N	A judge must not pervert the judgment of strangers or orphans.					7th Aliyah																															
	19	122P	When you reap your fields you must leave the forgotten sheaves.																																				
25	2	300N	It is forbidden to administer more than the assigned number of lashes to the guilty.																																				
	2	224P	When required by the law you must administer the punishment of flogging.																																				
	4	219N	You must not muzzle an animal working in the field to prevent it from eating.																																				
	5	357N	A childless widow may not marry anybody other than her late husband's brother.																																				
	5	216P	Should a man die childless his brother must marry her, or																																				
	9	217P	Should a man die childless his brother must release her 																																				
	12	247P	You are required to rescue the persecuted even if it means killing his oppressor.																																				
	12	293N	Do not pity or spare the pursuer.																																				
	13	272N	It is forbidden to possess inaccurate weights.																																				
	17	189P	Remember what Amalek did to Israel.																																				
	19	59N	Do not forget the evil done by Amalek.																																				
	19	188P	Blot out the memory of Amalek.