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A few more Interesting photos
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Here are a few more photos that I took in India.


I saw monkeys like this one all over the greater Bangalore area. Some were even living in the trees outside the office where I worked. This boy seemed to be teasing the monkey. As a parent, I was worried about him being bitten. None of the other adults around seemed concerned, so I decided to photograph the ineraction.


A typical South Indian meal involves scoops of curried dishes eaten on a banana leaf. No silverware or napkins are used. You eat only with your right hand. Note the cell phone in the photo.


The author of this quotation is Dr. Salim Ali. He is the Roger Tory Petersen of Indian birdwatching. I took this photo in the Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary. It is about 2 hours west of Bangalore.


The bird sanctuary is based around a series of islands in the Kaveri river. Tourists are taken on the river by guides in rowboats. This allows you to approach very close to the wildlife.

More info on the bird sanctuary.

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