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Pictures from Moshav Nevatim, Israel
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Jews from Cochin founded Moshav Nevatim in Israel in the early 1950s. I visited this community in 2004 and saw their museum and synagogue. The synagogue faithfully renders key elements of the Cochin syngagogue architecture.

This photo shows the view looking towards the rear of the synagogue. The men's section has seats facing the central bima. The Cochin tradition uses this bima only for less important birchot ha'shachar (preliminary services).

All main services and Torah reading is done in the upstairs bima (adjacent to the women's section). The stairs and upper bima are visible towards the rear of the photo.

The electric lights are meant to resemble the traditional oil lamps originally used in Cochin synagogues.

View of both bimas, facing rear (away from ark)
the museum curator (Mira) is here shown describing the synagogue to my parents

detail of the upstairs bima at Moshav Nevatim
note the Torah blessings on the right side

detail of ark in Moshav Nevatim
the Torah Scrolls are stored inside the ark

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